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Are you happy being hidden away in the lower pages of Google, where people are looking to buy YOUR SERVICES but do not find you? If so, you are losing potential customers to your competitors who are ranked higher, as they are getting the chance to impress first, simply because they are on page one.

Why lose all that extra revenue when it could go to your business with one of our fantastic SEO Services? The costs of our SEO services will be more than made up for with the extra traffic and potential business you will gain with being on the front page of search engines.

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Keyword Research

Before we even start optimising your website, it is really important to identify the best keywords right from the beginning. Many clients that come to us tell us that their last SEO company got them on the first page for a keyword that, in truth, nobody searches for.

We identify what keywords will be best for your website, based on the services you offer and what people are actually searching for. Sometimes a less searched for phrase that carries the intent to potentially buy your services can be much better, simply because it converts into a sale much easier than other phrases that may have a higher search volume but lower conversion rate. In other words people have already made their mind up – it’s just a case of who to buy from now. We would never attempt to move your SEO campaign forward until we get this right!

On Page Factors and Free Search Engine Optimisation Report

Before we start building links to your website we evaluate your site and compare how relevant it is to the keywords you want to target. Our reports compare what the top 10 websites are doing to be on the first page compared to your site. We will then make recommendations which you could implement yourself, or as part of our monthly SEO package, we can do it all for you. Either way we will send you a before and after report in order for you to recognise the difference our evaluation and recommendations can make.

Link Building

Not only is it important for a search engine to know that your website content is relevant to the keywords that you want to be on the first page for, it is also important that other webpages that link to your site are relevant to the keywords too.

When we build links to your site, our in house team will write relevant articles and links to your site that will gain the trust of the search engine. Many SEO companies will build many links from unrelated sites that may help you in the short term. In the long run these links will cause more harm than good. In the long run, these links may even get your website banned from being listed on search engines.

We believe that quality over quantity is the way forward, as it has always worked well for our clients in the past. If you are looking for an SEO service that provides lots of low quality short term links then this is not the service for you. We build for the future and not the short term.

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