One Of The Fastest Ways To Gain Website Traffic Is Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Management

One of the easiest ways to gain visitors to your website is to pay for traffic through Pay Per Click (PPC). This is also the only guaranteed way to be listed on the first page of search engines such as Google for competitive search terms. Many businesses make the mistake of using too many keywords that they consider to be related to their business. This is great for gaining visitors to your site, but are they going to buy any of your services?

For this reason, we look at the most relevant targeted keywords in order to boost your conversions. We believe that it is worth paying a bit more for higher placements for those intentional keywords because we know that you will receive a better return on your investment.

Pay Per Click Features

Only Pay For What You Use

If you don't spend all of your monthly budget, just add it on to the following month

First Page Results

With PPC, your website will be on the first page for your chosen keywords.

Highly Targeted Keywords

We use the best keywords to ensure high conversion rate.

Is Your PPC Company Keeping Your Monthly Budget ?

Have you ever hired a PPC management company that charge a set monthly fee for your website to be on top of the first page, only to realise you’re not gaining many visitors from it? One of the biggest tricks to be cautious of in PPC Management is to sell you a keyword that you may be led to believe is effective – in truth, very few people actually search for it!

Whilst your website is only gaining a few clicks per month from your PPC campaign, where is your marketing budget really going? We do things differently because in the unlikely event that your monthly budget is not all used up, we will simply add it to the following month’s budget. We charge a standard 15% commission – included in this is the assurance that your website gains the right type of visitors who are ready to buy your services.

Should You Choose SEO or PPC Management?

The main advantage of PPC management over organic SEO is that you can gain near instant results on the first page. This is a great short term solution but one that can be quite costly as your are effectively paying every time someone clicks to visits your website. Another advantage is that with PPC you are able to target many more keyword phrases that you may be able to do for a single web page with organic SEO.

Organic SEO is different because your website has to earn the right to be on the first page. This is a services which we are more than happy to provide but it will not happen overnight. So do you choose organic SEO or PPC management? We recommend both. This way you can gain the traffic you want right away whilst our experts work hard to ensure that you will gradually gain more organic traffic.

Identifying The Right Pay Per Click Keywords

Identifying and determining the value of a keyword can make a huge difference between someone looking for information or intending to buy your services right away. Here is an example of a few typical search terms:

  • Blackpool – May be thinking of visiting but really looking for a bit of information before they book.
  • Blackpool Hotels – May have decided to book but could still need some more information.
  • Hotel in Blackpool near Pleasure Beach – Mind has been made up and ready to book

The amount of people searching for the last keyword will be significantly less but there are two big advantages of choosing this ‘long tail keyword’:

  1. Bids will be lower so it will be cheaper to have your ad placed at the very top.
  2. People have made up their mind to buy and yours could be the first website to try to impress them.

A single ‘buy it now’ keyword may not gain your website much traffic, but our experts are able to identify multiple ‘buy it now’ keywords. Once combined, it will send you converting traffic.


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